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Ring die pellet mill

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Ring die pellet machine MKL400-37
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2014-10-20 14:45:05 visits:
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Product overview of Biomass pellet mill

Our company produce flat die biomass fuel pellet mill, it press crushed powder material to cylindrical pellets by once forming. The density of the pellet is 900-1200kg/m3. Diameter between 2.5-10mm. The surface of the pellet smooth and hard. The caloric value of biomass pellet can be achieved about 16.9MJ.

Flat die pellet mill can press biomass(sawdust,straw,rice husk)pellet.

2. Adopts once forming technology.

3. High output, low energy consumption and noise, low machinery failure, strong fatigue resistive, can continuous production, economical and durable.

4. Machine using high-quality materials and advanced coupling gear, beautiful appearance, compact structure. Wearing parts and key components adopt high quality alloy steel and wear- resistant material.

5. Raw material: wood, straw, grass,sawdust, rice bran, cotton, paper, peanut shells, sunflower husks, palm fiber, animal feces etc.

6. Advantages

Gearbox uses high quality gray cast iron material, low noise, with good shock absorption performance, die and roller adopt high quality alloy steel, the hardness reach to 50-60HRC. We added strengthening rib to the machine shell and increased the thickness of the casting, thus greatly enhancing  the strength of the machine and avoiding the breakage of the pellet mill shell.