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Diesel oil gasoline pellet mill

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KL series flat die feed pellet mill KL400A
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2014-10-20 9:03:47 visits:
  • Introduction
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KL series flat die feed pellet mill,which is a traditional model, are developed by  many years  efforts of our company . We introduce a more advanced technology than others in the domestic  and  external market . Our pellet mill has the advantage in low investment, simple operation, easy maintenance,  higher forming rate and so on. the user can select different hole size according to their requirement  of producing  different sizes pellets,  they also choose different die compression ratio depending on the material itself, in order to produce feed pellet  for   different livestock.

Organic fertilizer granule machine introduction

1)Organic fertilizer granule machine is used for a variety of organic fermented granulation, applied conveniently, and some organic fertilizer proportion of relatively light, when applied in the field is easily dispersed by the wind, granuled easily applied.

2)Using once molding technique.

3)High production, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, strong anti-fatigue machine, continuous production, economy and durability.

4)Machine made of high quality materials and advanced coupling gear, beautiful appearance, compact structure. Easily damaged parts and key components made of high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistant materials.

5)Applicable materials: chickenpigcow dung, lees, plant straw, bagasse, etc.

6)Machine Advantages: organic content can be as high as 100%, to achieve pure organic granulated, solid particles, can be screened after granulation, to reduce drying energy consumption. Much as basal fertilizer, large application volume can provide nutrients and improve soil properties, especially for the improvement of sand, clay and saline soils have good effect. Through the use of solid organic waste to produce cylindrical particles of organic fertilizer, to achieve saving of non-renewable resources and environmental protection purposes, enormous social benefits.