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KL series flat die feed pellet mill KL150B
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2014-10-18 15:18:46 visits:
  • Introduction
  • Parameters

KL series flat die feed pellet mill,which is a traditional model, are developed by  many years  efforts of our company . We introduce a more advanced technology than others in the domestic  and  external market . Our pellet mill has the advantage in low investment, simple operation, easy maintenance,  higher forming rate and so on. the user can select different hole size according to their requirement  of producing  different sizes pellets,  they also choose different die compression ratio depending on the material itself, in order to produce feed pellet  for   different livestock.

Brief introduction of feed pellet machine

一、The use of feed pellet obtains recognition of business households who engage in feeding rabbit, chook, pig and fish because of its following advantages: fattening fast, little waste of feed, low rate of animals suffering illness and easy to store.

二、Adopting one-time formed technology

三、High capacity, low power consumption, lower noise, low rate of malfunction, high fatigue resistance, able to continuous producing, economic and durable

四、Adopt superior materials and advanced connecting shaft gearing, beautiful appearance and compact structure. Wear parts and main force parts adopt high alloy wearable materials

五、Suitable materials: maize, soybean, bean pulp, green grass, straw and so on

六、Advantages of machine: The gear case adopts high-quality materials of gray cast iron, so it has low noise and good shock resistance. The mold and compression roller adopt high-quality alloy steel, the hardness reaches 55-60HRC, and the shell adds the reinforcing rib and increases the thickness of casting. So the machine has obtained the strength to avoid shell rupture phenomenon of feed pellet machine.

七、Characteristics: The feed pellet machine produced by our company can produce the feed pellet which has smooth surface and high hardness. During the process of pelleting, natural temperature can reach 70-80 degrees to make the starch dextrinization and internal deeply curing, so the feed pellet will not rot and get bad and store for a long time. Meanwhile, it improves the palatability and digestion-absorption function of beasts and birds, and shorten the fattening period so that reduce the cost production of wide breed aquatics.